Type pressure filter

Box pressure filter is a kind of solid and liquid to make use of hydraulic power separation equipment, divided into ordinary hydraulic box pressure filter machine, automatic box pressure filter, program-controlled automatic filter diaphragm box pressure filter. It is widely used in solid liquid separation of various industry suspension. With years of experience, our company is now explaining to you what type of chamber filter we should choose.

1. Carefully analyze the properties of materials.

Material properties including material chemistry acid (alkali), physical properties and filtering in the state of the temperature and viscosity, according to the situation to determine whether you need special filter plate and filter cloth, if you want to configure the diaphragm filter plate and so on.

2. Analyze the material handling capacity of the unit time, determine the size of the machine (filter area and filter chamber volume) and hydraulic mode and so on.

3. Is there any special requirement for the filter cake, what is the water content of the filter cake, and what is the solid content in the filtrate? Determine whether the filter cake needs to be squeezed twice to further reduce the water content of the filter cake.

What is the washing degree of the filter cake, the washing of the cake is a one-way washing and bi-directional washing, dark flow one-way washing and bi-directional washing.

5. Finally, of course, you should consider the strength of the pressure filter factory. The stronger the strength, the more secure the accessories and after-sales service of the filter press, and the more comfortable you will buy.

These are some of the experiences of the selection of the van filter press, hoping to be able to help users of the majority of the filter press.