Installation debugging and maintenance of filter press

Installation and debugging

1. The filter press should be installed on flat concrete. The foot of the feed end is fixed on the base; The support ends without the anchor bolt, or the anchor bolt is positioned with two nuts, the nut gasket is properly spaced between the holder and the foot can be retractable. Before positioning the installation personnel should correct the vertical degree of the horizontal surface of the beam and the thrust plate.

2. The structure of the foundation shall be designed by the construction engineers according to the load condition of the equipment, and the anchor bolts shall be filled twice with the reserved holes.

3. There should be sufficient operation and maintenance space around the filter press, and the hydraulic pressure filter should select the appropriate position to place the hydraulic station to ensure the hydraulic station can work properly.

4. Press the filter plate according to work requirement, and arrange the feeding, washing and drainage pipeline. Equipped with filter pressure to display and control the backflow channel of filter pressure. If the diaphragm is squeezed, the compressed air line is arranged.

5, hydraulic filter press, hydraulic station infuse cleaner fuel tank # 20-40 # hydraulic machine oil, using temperature > 5 ℃; If environment temperature is low, can choose similar viscosity, low freezing point hydraulic oil. The hydraulic oil must be added by 80-100 mesh filter.

6. Mechanical or hydraulic pressure tightening device, connect the power starting motor to work correctly. Hydraulic clamping pressure gauge should be rising steadily, hydraulic system no discharge phenomenon, according to the model size correctly adjust the working pressure of the hydraulic pressure station, after commissioning if found insufficient oil storage tank should be added.

Failure analysis

Cause analysis,

: (1) the impact phenomenon of filter press in use, sometimes will produce instant liquid pressure, peak pressure, a lot higher than normal pressure, pressure pointer over upper limit of the electric contact pressure gauge, thought is phenomenon of pressure gauge, after multiple track, found that in the holding state, the pressure value is higher than the highest pressure between 4 ~ 6 mpa, higher than the highest pressure.

Maintenance items

L. The normal pressure filter can be used for feeding work, and the whole machine must be inspected before each shift. The mechanical pressure driving parts and gearbox must be lubricated; Hydraulic pressure oil storage tank and review of the working pressure of the hydraulic pressure station and hydraulic oil generally replaced once a year, to replace the hydraulic system should be - a comprehensive cleaning, the working pressure of the hydraulic pressure station is less than the oil cylinder maximum working pressure, but they should not be below minimum filtration pressure value, a large leakage caused by the moment, meeting attaint parts.

2. It is forbidden to start the machine on the filter board in order to avoid damage to the machine parts. Check the spread of filter plate before adding material, and filter cloth cannot be folded to prevent the occurrence of large leakage. The strainer must be pressed tightly in order.

3, after all normal rear can pressure filter plate pressure filtration, the filter pressure and temperature must be within the prescribed scope, high filtration pressure will cause leakage, filtering the high temperature plastic filter plate deformation, when feeding slurry concentration is uniform. No jumble; After discharge cake filter cloth and filter plate must be rinsed clean, do not allow the residue paste on the sealing surface or feeding channel, otherwise it will affect the sealing of material flow and the filter plate, thus cause phase filter plate on both sides of the pressure imbalance, cause the filter plate deformation damage.

4, the choice of filter cloth must conform to the requirements of the propeller of filtration technology, should be shrunk before new filter cloth production, the hole diameter should be less than the filter plate aperture, the matching filter plate holes and hole of the plate should be relatively concentric, Jane should feed opening cloth tiejin addition, otherwise it will cause, filter, filter rate is low, cloth tube rupture, short of filtering the expected goal.

5. The filter is more cloudy at the beginning of press filter, and the filtrate will become clear when a filter cake is formed on the filter cloth. If the filtrate has been cloudy or mixed, it may be the filter cloth damaged or the hole and plate hole deviation. This time the valve should be turned off or the feed replacement filter is stopped. A small amount of leakage may be caused by fine filtration between the filters.

6. When moving the filter plate, the force should be evenly and properly. No collision or wrestling shall be done to avoid damaging the sealing surface and the filter wrench. Filter cloth use after a period of time can harden, performance degradation, therefore requires periodic inspection, if found to have affected the phenomenon of filtration rate, change accordingly. You may use low concentration of weak acid weak base, and cleaning the filter cloth to restore function, unable to recover the timely replacement.

7. The slurry, lotion or compressed air valve must be enabled according to the operating procedure and cannot be enabled at the same time. Compressed air pressure cannot exceed the filter pressure when the diaphragm is squeezed.