Analysis of the common faults of filter press

Plate and frame filter press is sewage treatment system for sludge treatment equipment, its role is will the sludge of sewage treatment of filter press, the formation of large cake cake), so as to exclude.

Consists of five parts: the frame plate and frame filter press by the filter plate of a filter press, hydraulic system, filter, filter plate transmission system and electrical system, etc.. The principle of plate and frame filter press operation is relatively simple, the first hydraulic application pressing force frame group, sedimentation of silt from the middle into, distribution to the filter. Run the frame pressed continued, in the middle of the water from the silt medium seepage flow away, because the pressure because of the larger, plate itself and the cloth is prone to damage or clog. In addition, due to the contamination of oil sludge, the transportation system is often unsmooth or unstable walking

One, the damage of the plate itself. Causing damage to the plate itself:

1, when the sludge is too thick or dry block left, it will cause feedwell blocked, this time the filter plates without the media only the pressure of the hydraulic system itself. At this time, the plate itself due to the long time compression is extremely easy to damage.

2, feeding inadequate or feed containing solid particles is not suitable, also can cause frame stress that damage.

3, if the outflow port is solid blockage or start off the feed valve or valve pressure without leaking out of that damage.

4, a filter plate cleaning is not clean, sometimes resulting in leakage of medium, once the leakage, the edge of the frame will be being washed out a road along the minor groove, a lot of medium leakage caused by pressure can not be raised, mud cake can not be formed.

Method for the elimination of the fault

1, the use of nylon cleaning scraper, remove the feed port mud

2, complete the cycle, reduce the volume of filter plate

3, check cloth, clean drain, check the exit, open the corresponding valve, release the pressure

4, carefully clean the filter plate, repair filter plate