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X920 filter press


1 filter plate material for special formula of high quality modified reinforced polypropylene, after a molding by special numerical control equipment processing, surface smooth, bright and clean, filter cavity seal

2 reinforced polypropylene filter plate has the advantages of high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali, non-toxic, tasteless, etc.;

. filter plate with variable cross section design, plum blossom shaped taper dot structure is used in the filter structure, can effectively reduce the resistance to filtration, filtration speed, filtrate flow design reasonable and filtrate out smooth liquid

4. Press machine frame all the high quality steel welded together, used to support the filter plate of filter cake weight and filter caused by the strong pressure

5 using the hydraulic device as the pressure, loosen the filter plate of the power plant, the maximum pressure of the cylinder pressure is 25MPa, and the use of electric contact pressure gauge to achieve automatic pressure between the filter plate

6 can withstand the maximum pressure for the 0.8MPa filter pressure, to ensure the formation of the best conditions for the filter cake, in order to carry out pressurized filter

7 operation is simple, safety and effort, through the electrical control board on the operation button, to achieve the required action, and with a safety device, to ensure the safety of equipment operation personnel