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XMYZ720 high pressure filter plate

Mainly applies to: kaolin, bentonite, activated clay, clay, concrete mixing stations and sewage treatment and other industries.

  the use of automatic pull board structure, the central monitoring, high degree of automation, reduce the operator

  the use of automatic hydraulic flap, completely solve the separation of slag and water, improve product quality and beautify the environment

  the filter plate using high molecular weight PE patented technology to press molding, to ensure that the life of each filter plate is longer

④  according to the performance of the material, the specific gravity, the project is different, the general material can increase the solid content of 10%

⑤  the use of high standard production process technology, to ensure that each product is in the industry leading level

1, the patent technology, circular plate, the original filter board structure, long service life, good sealing performance, no shotcrete, high pressure resistance, good filtering effect, high solid content of cake, the filter press sludge dewatering for stone to build, good effect

2, integrated control, automatic pull plate, connected with the liquid (custom) version.

3, the raw material adaptability is good, suitable for all kinds of solid liquid separation process

4, high filtration pressure, pressure up to 25kg/ square meters, far exceeding the filtration pressure of similar equipment in 11-18kg/ square meters

5, press working cycle is short, low power consumption, the cake solid content up to 55-75%