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Automatic double cylinder water flushing filter

X2000 features:

Strong polypropylene filter plate, filter box using patented technology, high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali, non-toxic and tasteless.

Automatic drawing board: the use of electric machinery or hydraulic way to pull the plate, the push pull filter plate, pull board mechanism for the next set, take up less space, reasonable structure, maintenance of small.

The hydraulic device is used as the driving force of the press and release the filter plate, the maximum compression pressure is 29MPa, and it can realize the automatic holding pressure.

The maximum filtration pressure is 0.5-1.0MPa, the optimal condition for forming the filter cake is ensured, and the pressure filtration is carried out.

Simple operation, safety, labor saving, through the control panel buttons, to achieve the desired action, which is equipped with a variety of safety devices, to ensure the safety of the operator.