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Belt type filter press

Technical parameters

1 mainly used for the treatment of the concentrated sludge, which has the double function of the concentration and dewatering, and saves the investment of the soil. If used for the concentration of sludge treatment, the treatment capacity is significantly improved than the pure press water, and the dehydration effect is more obvious.

2 the filter belt and the filter belt of different pore size were used to optimize the solid-liquid separation time.

3 filter belt, save operating expenses

4 continuous operation of equipment, continuously variable transmission

5 filter belt automatic knot, filter belt gas tight, tension automatic adjustment.

6 simple operation, stable operation, convenient maintenance.

Technical features:

1 sludge before entering the drum thickening filterbelt press, through flocculant mixing and into the mixing reactor

2. In the hybrid reactor sludge and flocculant after full reaction, and then enter the slow rotation of pre dewatering drum, in the sludge is transported to a special device drum at the end of the process, most of the free water through the filter cloth to release, to achieve the effect of concentrated effluent by the filter tank collection and sludge solids separation.

3 after the pre dewatering sludge is then entered into the upper part of the filter press and is then transmitted to the lower part of the filter. Between the upper and lower filter belt, as a result of the gradual increase in the pressure and the shear force of the role of the sludge after further dehydration.

4 the output and the dry degree of the sludge can be controlled by the stepless speed adjusting device